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Mission Scenarios

Our Center offers three exciting mission scenarios that are run in our NASA-designed simulators.

Return to the Moon

Mission Scenario: Return to the Moon

In the not too distant future, astronauts are returning to the Moon in order to establish a permanent, self-sustaining settlement that will eventually become a stepping-stone for future planetary exploration by humans. The crew onboard the Spacecraft must work together and with Mission Control to accomplish the tasks necessary for a successful lunar landing, but will they be able to solve the emergencies they encounter on their journey to the Moon?

Voyage to Mars

Mission Scenario: Voyage to Mars

In the latter part of the 21st Century, a now routine voyage to Mars has brought a crew of astronauts to the red planet to replace a group of astronauts that have been living on Mars for nearly two years. The Spacecraft astronauts and those working in Mission Control on the Martian surface need to perform a variety of scientific experiments, conduct space research, and even construct a probe, before the crew transfer can be successfully completed - but will the mission be jeopardized by the enormous dust storms that plague the red planet?

Rendezvous With A Comet

Mission Scenario: Rendezvous With A Comet

The year is 2036 and a crew of astronauts aboard a small and maneuverable Spacecraft is performing the necessary tasks to rendezvous with and collect material from the short-period comet known as "Encke." Will the Spacecraft crew, with help from Mission Control, intercept the comet in time, and, more importantly, be able to respond to any small and mysterious objects they may encounter along the way?