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Off-Site Program Information

Let the Challenger Center come to you!

Can’t get to the Challenger Center, then let us come to you. Our age-appropriate, space-related Assembly for students in grades 1 – 8, and Space Presentations by Joe Lennox for students in grades 1 – 12 are filled with lots of demonstrations and hands-on activities that can be performed in both larger school assembly venues and smaller classroom settings. 

Joe Lennox, Lecturer/Hands-On Presenter

Joe Lennox is a space program historian and teacher of space science, history and technology. He is the author of "Visions For Space." And "The A B C's of Space Exploration." Mr. Lennox has been captivated by space flight since he was a little boy. Born in the Bronx, New York, he has spent a lifetime studying about space. His private museum of space artifacts has been called one of the largest and most complete in the Country. Below are some of the presentation subjects that are offered at your site or at our Center. The length, days, times, and grade level can be tailored for your group's specific needs. Mr. Lennox can do multiple presentations, week long classes, single classes or any combination The presentations are designed to meet your time, date, and curriculum requirements.

Please contact our Center to schedule one of these programs. 

Space Presentations by Joe Lennox

Course Description: One Giant Leap
Description: A history of space exploration from Sputnik to the international space station.
Science / STEM: Orbits. How rockets work, microgravity.

Course Description: Shepard To The Station
Description: A comparison of America's first human space flight in 1961 to today's International Space Station missions.
Science / STEM: Microgravity, benefits, rockets, living in space.

Course Description: Mars
Description: Planet properties and Mars exploration.
Science / STEM: How rovers are designed and how they work, atmospheres, moons, solar power, light filtering.

Course Description: Apollo 11
Description: An in depth look at the first moon landing mission.
Science / STEM: Lunar science, lunar exploration, flight planning, rendezvous and docking.

Course Description: Living in Space
Description: A close look into what it's like to live in the microgravity environment of space.
Science / STEM: Eating, sleeping, relaxing, and working in microgravity.

Course Description: The Planets
Description: A look at all, or selected planets.
Science / STEM: Orbits, atmospheres, moons.

Course Description: The Hubble Space Telescope
Description: An in depth look at Hubble, teaching about the problems with the mirror and highlighting the discoveries it has made.
Science / STEM: Problem solving, neutral buoyancy, gyroscopes.

Course Description: Apollo 13
Description: A study of NASA's most successful failure.
Science / STEM: Problem solving, orbits, re-entry, gyroscopes, sensors.

Course Description: Space Walking
Description: A concentrated look at walking / working in space.
Science / STEM: Neutral buoyancy, mission planning, experience what it's like to work in space as students wear snow gloves while performing a simple task.

Course Description: Voyager
Description: An in-depth look at the probe that explored the gas giant planets.
Science / STEM: Gravity assist, mission planning, spacecraft power, gyroscopes, information transmission, thermal properties.

Course Description: Satellites
Description: An introduction to satellites - how they work and what they can do.
Science / STEM: Orbits, sensors, data transmission.

Course Description: Project Gemini - The Bridge Between Mercury and Apollo
Description: A close look at the 10 Gemini missions which taught NASA the techniques necessary to perform the moon landings.
Science / STEM: Orbits, space walks, rendezvous, long duration flight.

Assembly and Classroom Programs

Program Option (1): 1 hour Assembly Program

On-site: $225 per session

Program Description:

Assembly Program with hands-on demonstrations. Topics could include: Space Flight, Astronomy, and the Solar System. (Planetary scale sizes and distances, solar viewing, meteorites, UV beads, astronaut training, model rocket launches, robotics, telescopes, etc.).

Program Option (2): 45 minute Classroom Session

On-site: $150 per session

Program Description:

Similar to assembly program, but all students are participants in the hands-on activities. Optional take-away items are available for the students upon request.